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Are you looking for a way to compliment the design and décor of your home? Will you like to elevate the appearance of your living area? If you are looking for a simple but sophisticated way to add elegance and glamour to your home, our glass panels and lamps are the perfect way to get it done.

At, we have the perfect solution that will give your windows and every part of your home instant ambiance. Enhance the appearance of your home throughout the year with our distinctive glass panels and lamps.

The panels and lamps consist of colored pieces of glasses, held together using the 'foil' system, forming a single, exclusive piece. This art style has been around for over 1000 years. For centuries now, these panels have been used in the art and design world to showcase creativity and improve the appearance of special spaces.

In the past, stained glass was used to beautify cathedrals and tell biblical stories. Nowadays, the uses of stained glass panels or lamps have no limit. From melted bead lamps to green-hued eatery interiors, Brooding Gothic Babes, Jewelry from Pottery Shards, Geometric Avenger Art, and so much more, these panels and lamps with a touch of creativity are now used to beautify homes around the world.

Transform your living area into an ambiance of comfort and give your guests, visitors, and even your loved ones something to always appreciate. The stunning hanging stained glass panels and lamps are a wonderful way to make your windows, walls, and your entire living room, or other rooms in your home, look elegant and classy at every point in time.

What We Offer You remains the go-to shop for your panels and lamps with elegant and stunning designs. Each and every piece of high-quality panel or lamp is individually hand cut, copper foiled and soldered by highly creative craftsmen. These panels and lamps are made from high-quality materials. They are highly durable and will definitely serve and beautify your home for years to come.

Our glass panels and lamps feature authentic, stunning, hand-crafted art glass that makes them really unique. The panels and lamps also feature variations of color and texture, an important aspect of the design. This is responsible for their unique characters. The strong design, as well as the rich and fascinating color choices, reflects the understanding of the medium and materials. Hence, we are able to provide you with magnificent choices that will instantly transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

We feature stained panels and stained lamps which come in various shapes, size, and designs. We are excited to bring you rectangular stained glass panels in a huge variety of styles to match any home, as well as round stained glass window panels that fit medallion windows and square stained glass panels, including fantasy stained glass patterns, flowers and more. We also offer stained glass fireplace screens, cathedral-style panels and many themed styles.

Stained glass panels and lamps ship free in the continental United States!

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At, we derive pleasure in making our customers happy, and satisfied. Customer satisfaction will always remain our primary driving force. We offer impeccable customer service. We are always ready to listen to you and work together with you to locate top class panels or lamps with amazing and marvelous designs.

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